Highlights of the 2023 NSW Budget: Who Benefits and Who Doesn't

Highlights of the 2023 NSW Budget: Who Benefits and Who Doesn't

The recent NSW 2023 budget has been announced. Here is Lebomemes101 summary of the budget; the winners and the losers. 

The recent NSW 2023 budget has been announced. Here is Lebomemes101 summary of the budget; the winners and the losers. 

NSW treasurer Daniel Mookhey




Teachers across New South Wales are celebrating a historic achievement as they are to become the highest-paid professionals in Australia.

Following an extended dispute between teacher unions and politicians, the government has agreed to a remarkable 12% pay increase.

This historic development raises the entry-level pay for teachers to $85,000, a significant improvement from the previous $75,791.


Healthcare Professionals

The NSW government is making substantial investments in supporting healthcare workers, totalling $2.5 billion.

This allocation includes funding to hire an additional 1200 nurses and the conversion of temporary nurse and midwife positions into permanent roles.

Moreover, 500 new paramedics will be added to rural and regional areas. A 4.5% pay increase for healthcare workers has also been promised.

Aspiring healthcare workers will find the budget subsidizing 12,000 students over five years, with new students receiving $4000 per year in scholarships and existing students receiving one-time payments of $8000.



Parents of three to five-year-olds are set to benefit from the government's initiatives. A $500-a-year preschool fee relief program is being trialled for those in long day care.

Fee relief of $4220 per year for parents and carers of three to five-year-olds in community and mobile preschools is being continued.

Additionally, children aged four years and older attending preschool in long day care centres will receive $2110 in fee relief.

The government is also expediting the construction of 100 new preschools on public school sites and new primary and high schools in various areas across the state.

Hospital Patients 

Recognizing the ongoing challenges faced by hospitals, the government is allocating funds for more beds and health system upgrades.

Western Sydney hospitals will receive an infusion of 600 more beds, with bed capacity increasing at Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospital.

Upgrades are also planned for Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Canterbury Hospital, and Fairfield Hospital. Residents in Rouse Hill will witness the development of a new hospital.

Free parking at public hospitals for patients, staff, and visitors in regional and rural areas will continue.


Western Sydney Drivers

Commencing on January 1, 2024, the $60 toll cap promised by the government will benefit over 700,000 motorists.

Additionally, there is a 33% reduction in the truck toll multiplier on the M5 East and M8.


Women and Girls in Grassroots Sport

Riding the wave of enthusiasm generated by the FIFA Women's World Cup, the NSW budget allocates $30 million to "supercharge" sports facilities for women and girls in grassroots sports.

Additionally, there is $14.5 million designated for the Football in Schools Program in Western Sydney and $3.7 million for Central Coast infrastructure improvements.



Middle-Income Families

Middle-income families face a setback as the government combines the Active Kids Vouchers and Creative Kids Vouchers into a means-tested voucher system.

Previously available to everyone, these vouchers will now provide a combined benefit of $50 twice a year, primarily favouring low-income families and leaving middle-income families excluded.



Despite the positive $60 weekly toll cap, the Treasurer has made significant cuts to previous government infrastructure projects. Notably, the Great Western Highway Tunnel and the Northern Beaches Tunnel have been cancelled.

Additionally, plans for the Park'nPay app, aimed at simplifying Sydney parking, have been defunded and abandoned. Moreover, tax breaks for electric vehicles have been reduced, affecting those looking for more sustainable transportation options.


Footy Fans

NRL enthusiasts seeking upgrades to Penrith Stadium will be disappointed, as the planned rebuild has been downsized to a refurbishment, diminishing the anticipated improvements to the stadium.


Coal Companies

The budget reveals a substantial shift for coal companies, as the government increases royalties for the first time in a decade.

This change is likened to finding unexpected cash under the sofa, and it is expected to generate $2.7 billion in royalties over four years.


The Star Casino

The government has also raised casino duty rates effective from July 1, 2023. Should the casino's annual earnings exceed $1.125 billion, it will be subject to an additional levy of 35% on its total gaming revenue, impacting its profitability.

Highlights of the 2023 NSW Budget: Who Benefits and Who Doesn't

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